Kombinat Aluminijuma “Podgorica” Select SMAR SYSTEM302-7 For Vertical Calcination Kiln Project

Early 2005, modernization of the “Birac” factory was completed with a new instalation and process of vertical calcination kiln. In the “Birac” factory of alumina, the SMAR SYSTEM 302 was implemented and proved to be an excellent project solutions. The vertical calcination kiln has been working very reliably for the past three years and provided an ideal reference for the management of Kombinat aluminijuma “Podgorica.

Following Birac success story, Kombinat Aluminijuma “Podgorica” located in the City of Podgorica, Montenegro., management of the factory began introducing modern technologies to update their process automation. Over an extended period of time, four rotational kilns used for processing of aluminium hydrate to alumina at the plant were modernized with the implementation of a vertical calcination kiln.

Because of the positive experience of plant professionals at “Birac” with SMAR SYSTEM302, the management of Kombinat aluminijuma “Podgorica” decided to engage “Wig” as a subcontractor for the Podgorica project. Since 1996, “Wig” has been a pioneer in the introduction of FOUNDATION fieldbus technology in this region and has received a creditable reputation with the factory administration of the “Birac” factory and subsequently with Kombinat aluminijuma “Podgorica”.

Based on technical and precision requirements of the process and to alleviate the project measurement and regulation concerns combined with a supervisory system, implementation of a modern DCS system became a necessity in order to control this complex system. The management of Kombinat aluminijuma “Podgorica” determined FOUNDATION fieldbus comunication protocol and the SMAR SYSTEM302-7 for their solution. The equipment to be used in the vertical calcination kiln plant will be primarily SMAR products, including complete system hardware, system software and the majority of the field instrumentation.

FOUNDATION fieldbus transmitters provide a number of control functions owing to inherent function blocks, in addition to their measurement capabilities. SMAR transmitters have the largest number of function blocks compared with the other fieldbus products manufacturers ,consequently representing the most flexible solution and logical choice adds Wig.

In the vertical calcination kiln facility, Temperature Transmitter, Current to FF converter, FF to current converter, Differential Pressure Transmitter for flow and pressure measurements were used in this application.

The main parts of the control system include three pairs of redundant FOUNDATION fieldbus DF63 processors, FF H1 channels,Ethernet ports, DF63 FF HSE/FF H1 processors, and redundant DF75 FF HSE processors to perform ladder logic. The system has a capacity for 224 discrete input signals, 112 discrete output signals, 24 current input signals and 24 current output signals , allowing reliable acquisition of signals and necessary reserve for future system expansion.

Communication with the burners is established through the Modbus protocol, using the SMAR device MB700. In addition to the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 network, redundant Ethernet network has been used for communication between the processors and server providing visibility to the Engineering Workstation, Operation Workstation and Supervision Workstation , this communication is provided through appropriate switches all supervised by Wig as SMAR certifeld Integrator.

SYSTEM302 is the only open, integrated automation platform enabling true distributed control. This powerful “second generation” fieldbus system takes full advantage of FOUNDATION fieldbus,PROFIBUS, OPC and other open technologies, and removes the constraints imposed by closed, proprietary systems. SYSTEM302 seamlessly distributes control strategies to field instruments, enables flexible device networking according to the user’s needs, and provides free access to the process and devices by system software.