LC700´s New Configurator for FREE!

SMAR has removed the key requirement for the CONF700 tool and the LC700 OPC server. Now you can get the CONF700 versions and OPC servers for free for all CPUs of the LC700 hybrid controller. With this it is possible for you to prepare configurations, reach updates and etc. via the WEB.

Besides being free, the new CONF700 version 7 includes the features:

  • Multilingual support - including Chinese
  • Easier ladder diagram configuration which will make it friendlier for system integrators
  • Faster "stamping" of ladder elements and drag-'n'-drop allowing engineers to be more productive
  • Listing of elements that match a specific search criteria resulting in simpler modifications
  • Replace
  • The possibility to enter annotation for each ladder element – a document that lets the next person expand/modify and allows him to understand how your logic functions, thus increasing productivity
  • 20 levels of undo - if you are very indecisive
  • Direct Modbus register monitoring - easy communication verification and quicker acceptance testing
  • Online registration for automatic notification of service packs and free access to resources that will keep you up to date and trouble free
  • Control over Modbus register addressing
  • All of the above in addition to the many advantages that are already available in our earlier versions

    In addition you have the advantages of LC700:

  • Modbus Protocol for easy integration with HMI or higher-level systems
  • State of the art Ethernet networking (Modbus/TCP) for integration with modern system architecture
  • Simultaneous 3-ports supporting HMI, remote I/O, and local operator panel
  • Remote-I/O for great wire savings
  • Excellent bumpless redundancy and synchronization for greater availability of backplane, power, CPU, and networking
  • OPC server permits choice of any HMI
  • Easy and powerful Windows-based graphical configuration tool with online editing
  • Complete selection of I/O modules including the most advanced temperature input
  • Low-maintenance with no required battery
  • A wide range of hot-swap modules with automatic identification, great galvanic isolation, connector keying, and channel tagging
  • Process control functions including API liquid flow measurement computing
  • Radio or dial-up modem support for SCADA application
  • Firmware download

To obtain this free software, go to the LC700 webpage at http://www.smar.com/products/lc700.asp, or directly to the LC700 page in Smar Labs site http://www.smarlabs.com/Conf700.aspx