Madhi Sugars Acquires LC700 Logic Controller Automation

Smar has implemented a new automation project in India to mark its expansion in this important Southeast Asia market. Madhi Sugars is one of the most traditional sugar factories in the country and is located in Gujarat State. The factory acquired the Smar LC700 universal hybrid controller for both simple and complex applications, and they have proved ruggedly dependable in the most aggressive industrial environments.

With this installation, Smar automated the crushers and feeding conveyor belts, as well as the water soaking system, flow measurement, stabilization of juice flow and maceration water, automatic pH control system and clarified juice density control. In addition to engineering services, Smar also provided the hardware, software license, pressure transmitters and level sensors for the Donelly chute and density transmitters for the clarified juice application.

Indpro, Smar’s system integrator in India, supplied the panel, control strategy, pH transmitters, mass flow meters, control valves, commissioning and system startup. According to Max Ludewig, Smar Business Manager, the system has been completely commissioned and is producing good results.