Nandi Sugar Successfully Automates with Smar

The Nandi Sugar plant is owned by India´s Sharma Group and is located in the southern city of Bijapur. Nandi recently installed Smar equipment to automate its power co-generating boiler. The company processes 2,500 tons of sugar cane daily and installed Smar´s System302 and DF65 Logic Processor (with Logic View configurator) , in addition to commissioning service for the plant. The automation was implemented and completed within record time at only 90 days, including ini t ial panel installation and configuration, through to the commissioning and start-up of the boiler control system.

“Smar was chosen due to its worldwide experience in the sugar and alcohol industry, one that has stemmed from its early days with sugar mill turbine maintenance. Our work has also been strongly supported by IndPro of Mr. Pratap Deshmukh, our System Integrator for Sugar and Alcohol industry in India, and they have done a remarkable job”, says Max Ludewig, Smar´s Business Manager.