NUCLEAR POWER - Prompt, Robust, Customizable

We wish to extend to you our utmost thanks for visiting SMAR International booth during the ANS 2008 - American Nuclear Society: Winter Meeting - Reno NV.

Digital technology has proven to be reliable and powerful for years and we proudly state that we were selected as the “ best-in-class ” industrial automation solutions provider by the extremely competent technical group at Duke Energy – Oconee plant.

Joe Rondan – SMAR Houston President/CEO with Ms. Lisa Stiles ANS2009 Speaker while visiting SMAR booth

Combining open minds with job performance at its highest level by Duke personnel, all efforts have made SMAR SYSTEM302 a complete success in today’s largest digital application in a Nuclear Plant in the USA.

SMAR’s powerful, fieldbus-based SYSTEM302 architecture has also gained prominence as the “best-in-class” industrial automation solution for numerous applications around the world. In addition, SMAR’s complete system integration includes one of the industry’s widest selections of field devices in compliance with the most modern open protocols in the industry.

When the time comes: moving from legacy instrumentation to modern technology or even building a completely new application, SMAR is ready to assist you with solutions; with a line of products and services perfectly designed to integrate your outdated equipment to a modern digital solution with an open, interoperable system designed to protect your investment.

Joe Rondan - SMAR Houston President/CEO and Mr. Jorge Spitalnik Vice President of Federação Brasileira de Associações de Engenheiros - FEBRAE

We will be glad to learn more about your upcoming project. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 800 762 7833 or via e-mail: sales@smar.com. You will also find a great deal of information on several other proven SMAR instruments and solutions on our website at www.smar.com