One more Brazilian plant operates with SMAR systems and instrumentation

With two power turbines (35 mW and 30 mW), the daily crushing capacity of 21 million sugar cane tons and the estimated daily production of 2,249 cu/m of ethanol, the COSAN Group facility, in Jataí, Goiás state, one of the most automated plants in the world started operating with SMAR technology.

According to Fernando Liboni, International Division Project Manager, SMAR will be present at practically the whole process. “SMAR field equipments are already installed through most factory sections, like Utilities, Preparation, Treatment, Fermentation, Distillery, Turbo-generato, Conveyor belts, ETA, Boilers and Diffuser.” Nine control panels with Profibus protocol, valve positioners and pressure and temperature transmitters were installed in the facility. Fourteen redundant operation stations configured by SMAR are conducted from an Integrated Operations Center (COI) control room. It is another successful application for the SYSTEM302-7 automation and control system.

See below some SYSTEM302-7 features used in thousands of applications around the globe:

  • Flexibility to alter the configuration to meet new requirements;
  • Distribution of critical functions, as field control;
  • More information, other than process data, to manage instrumentation and process, as well as business integration;
  • Simple architecture with lower initial, operational and maintenance costs;
  • Interoperability among multiple manufacturers, with better choice possibilities and spare part cost saving;
  • Totally digital with connectivity to different protocols: HART, Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus-DP, Profibus-PA, DeviceNet, As-i, Modbus, etc.;
  • Possibility of expansion at reduced cost, scalable architecture;
  • Redundancy at the most different levels, more availability, more safety;
  • Easier learning;
  • Easy to operate, simple engineering, multi-user environment;
  • Remote operation;
  • Integrated operation, maintenance and engineering functions in all processes from a central control room, based on standard protocols;
  • Complete view of the entire process through intuitive graphic interfaces;
  • Asset Management based on Web, EDDL, FDT/DTM and MES.

 “COSAN Jataí, considered as one of the world´s most complete sugar and ethanol plants, stands out for its high level of professionalism,” adds Liboni. “Currently there are large automated mills, but this facility is marked by the high level of expertise involved, where project  management methodologies guided the decision making and the execution of the  project through all stages,” concludes he.

SYSTEM302: Innovation, Results and Excellence

Integrated Operation Center at Jataí plant - Hand´s reach information in a single place