DF79 Controller with DeviceNet master and HSE gateway capabilities brings innovation to the sector

Smar introduces its new DF79 HSE/DeviceNet Controller, this product is a SYSTEM302 solution for the DFI302 Process Control and Automation Platform. It provides DeviceNet master controller that scans up to 63 devices on a DeviceNet, in addition to HSE (High Speed Ethernet) controller that exchange data with any controller in the standard.

DF79 is the first Smar DeviceNet solution to use HSE as control backbone, its main feature is to work as a gateway between both systems, with increased connectivity and power flexibility.
This product also allows wide communication between DeviceNet type field devices; One of the striking differential is that, the DF79 is a HSE/DeviceNet controller that provides centralized or distributed control states Renato Fernandes- DF79 R&D group.

DF79 benefits:

- Reduced wiring and installation costs
- Reduced startup time
- Reduced plant shut-downs
- Fast problem identification and solution
- Equipment replacement or addition without  cutting off power
- Interoperable with other vendors

  • Efficient communication and robust, compact protocol;
  • More flexibility in control strategy projects through  I/O cards and DeviceNet devices;
  • Discrete control execution via function blocks logic and ladder diagram, for single and integrated system;
  • Works as gateway Modbus interconnecting with other DeviceNet or HSE modules.

DF79 "Controller with DeviceNet Master and HSE Gateway capabilities" Features:

  • DeviceNet marter with 2 HSE channels
  • 63 DeviceNet addressable slaves
  • Expansible for up to 64 conventional I/O modules
  • Hot standby redundancy with exclusive channel
  • MODBUS TCP and RTU compatibility
  • Advanced control support
  • Standard, advanced and flexible function blocks installation enabled
  • Discrete control through ladder language in compliance with IEC 61131-3
  • SNMP, time stamp, integrated web server and OPC communication functionalities