Pemex Attends Fieldbus Maintenance Training

Participants of the SMAR System302 / FF Maintenance Training from PEMEX, the company
resposible for the exploration, refining and distribution of oil and gas in Mexico

Pemex, the state-run company responsible for the exploration, refining and distribution of oil and gas in Mexico, recently took the Smar System302/ Foundation fieldbus Maintenance training course. The training was focused specifically on the procedures required for installation and maintenance of the Smar system recently acquired by Pemex.

Smar System302 field transmitters were used during the training as the company’s control strategies will include some Foundation fieldbus standard blocks. The course was presented by Smar Mexico in collaboration with the Smar Brazil Training Center in Ciudad del Carmen in two sessions. The first was held March 24-28, with a second 5-day session held April 5-8, 2007. “The customized training enabled engineers and technicians manning the instrumentation and maintenance area for Pemex to service the System302 components purchased for Platforms HA-KU-M and HA-KU-S”, explained Marco Cesar, Smar Brazil’s Client Training Manager.

The trainees learned basic FF technology concepts, aspects on the installation and dimensioning of an Foundation fieldbus network, maintenance procedures and the replacement of System302 products included in the client package Foundation fieldbus Universal Bridge.

“The concepts and techniques acquired will be beneficial to control distribution, equipment interoperability, a more definitive failure diagnostics capability and consequently increased plant productivity”, explains Oscar Matus, Smar Mexico Director.