Peru Installs First Intelligent Transmitter in Sugar Mill

SMAR DT301 - HART Concentration and Density Transmitters

SMAR supplies first ever Intelligent Concentration and Density Transmitters to Usina Complejo Agroindustrial Cartavio, in Peru. Transmitters will be utilized in the evaporators for this application. According to Cartavio Engineer Jorge Luis Alvarado Quintana, the acquisition of the equipment was fundamental to modernize the evaporating system, which is the first stage on the recovery of the sugar cane juice of the mill. “Cartavio had used a very old pneumatic density control, one that did not provide a first rate measurement”, explains Alvarado. The solution was to automate the system with the SMAR DT301 Density Transmitter (Touché).

“The company made this choice due to the robustness of the device. Once installed in the line, the SMAR Touché assured stability for the syrup concentration, while guaranteeing the transmission of real values to the process. The ease of maintenance and calibration of the transmitter was also a key factor in the installation choice, indicated Mr. Quintana.