Petrobras signs new contract with Smar

Smar has signed a new agreement with Brazil's oil company giant, Petrobras. The contract includes modernization of its Espirito Santo unit with an investment of approximately US$10 million in equipment and services.

The contract with Smar includes field data survey, basic project and execution, assembly, INMETRO/ANP (brazilian regulation agencies) approval and operation assistance, in accordance with legal requirements stipulated in local regulation. This regulation requires precise measurement of oil and natural gas production, consumption and transportation in Brazil.

José Sebastião Marinho Leite, Smar Business and Systems Manager, explains that the work will encompass civil, mechanical, electrical, piping, instrumentation and automation areas. "In addition, we will supply more than 100 measuring stations with many devices including meters, valves and pressure vessels", he adds.

Marinho also commented on the tight competition for the public bid with several participants. "Smar was selected for its expertise in measuring stations and for it knowledge of the ANP oil agency compliance requirements. In addition, the company has been successful in the supply of equipment under the Petrobras Excellence in Environment and Safety Standards Program”, he concludes.