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During recent training visits Andy had carried out an in-depth accreditation inspection of the PICC in foundation at the FIPAI-University of Sao Paulo-USP in Sao Carlos City. The accreditation and inspection procedure included a full audit of available equipment, demonstration and development equipment as well as an in-depth technical examination of the knowledge of the Center’s staff. Cesar Cassiolato, Director of Smar and also the RPA Brazil Latin America President and Prof. Dr. Dennis Brandao from USP (pictured above right with Andy center) are the internal experts of the PICC Brazil Latin America. Another external expert will need to evaluate the center and then full PICC status will be gained.

The PICC in foundation is also undergoing accreditation as a PROFIBUS International Training Center (PITC) ready to deliver Certified PROFIBUS Installer and Engineer training. The Brazilian Latin America PICC has been working closely with the Brazilian Latin America RPA for some time running PROFIBUS application workshops, attending exhibitions and producing publications and technical presentations. The PICC also offers PROFIBUS industrial consultancy and a technical hotline.

An extensive demonstration wall is available with a mixture of PROFIBUS DP and PA active devices and controllers from multiple manufacturers. “Establishing a PICC in Brazil is a landmark in the history of PROFIBUS in Latin America,” said Cesar Cassiolato. “We have in Brazil one of the biggest PROFIBUS installed bases in the industry and, now, users, manufacturers, members and students at University of Sao Paulo will be able to count on a center of excellence in services, training, certifications of professionals and much more.”

The Brazil Latin America PROFIBUS Association recently hosted the first certified PROFIBUS training courses in Sao Paulo. Two internationally recognized PROFIBUS courses – the Certified PROFIBUS Installer course and the Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Course were held, conducted by Andy Verwer, of Manchester Metropolitan University in UK, in co-operation with the Brazil Latin America PICC.

These courses are internationally-accredited and several professionals were certified during the courses. The one-day Installer course covers the layout, installation and testing of PROFIBUS DP and PA networks. The 3.5 day in-depth Engineer course covers PROFIBUS network design, commissioning and live fault-finding.

Andy Verwer commented: “This was my first visit to Latin America and was a welcome break from the snow of Manchester. I have lots of experience in training around the world and the level of knowledge and ability of the Brazilian Engineers on these training courses was excellent. The good sense of humor of the Brazilian people (very similar to the British) made the trip and the training very enjoyable.”

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