PICC achieves new goals under Cassiolato administration

The Profibus Competence Center(PICC), installed in Brazil on late 2007 at the Industrial Automation Laboratory of the University of Sao Paulo -USP, in Sao Carlos City, is represented by the specialists Cesar Cassiolato, President of the Brazil America Latina Regional Profibus Association and Smar Director, and Prof. Dr. Dennis Brandao of the USP.

Accreditation of the USP - Sao Carlos Competence and Training Center

During February, Andy Verwer from the long-established Competency Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK and a prominent expert within the PROFIBUS International community carried out an accreditation inspection of the first PROFIBUS International Competency Centre on Brazil.

According to Andy Verwer, the PICC has excellent technical infrastructure and counts on the services of two high-level Profibus technology experts.

"The Brazilian market undergoes a significant growth in the field of Profibus applications, and it deserves an official Profibus Compentence and Training Center to certify professionals and ensure the quality of the services provided to the industry.", says Cassiolato.

The Profibus Compentence and Training Center is officially installed at the USP-Sao Carlos, Department of Electrical Engineering, based on an agreement with FIPAI - the Foundation for Industrial Research and Improvement - and the Profibus Association.

“The PICC in cooperation with FIPAI and now the accreditation give conditions to combine all competencies of member companies with the scientific knowledge of the university. The expected results of this cooperation are to make easier new developments with PROFIBUS technology in Brazil and the preparation of qualified workmanship for the Latin American market of industrial automation”, adds Dennis Brandao.

Today there are over 35 PICCs all over the world. They are technical centers that work in collaboration with the Regional Profibus Associations, where their know-how are ensured by Quality Services agreements and by the reports issued by the PICCs to Profibus International. There are several goals of a PICCs, where can emphasize:

  • Promote the PROFIBUS technology;
  • Training, qualify and certify professionals;
  • Keep in operation a complete PROFIBUS system including the equipment/devices from all members, for tests and presentations;
  • Provide validation, certification and testing technical services;
  • Keep updated documentation files;
  • Work with the PROFIBUS Regional ssociation in a cohesive way;
  • Develop researchs and projects;
  • Provide technical assistance and services;
  • Promote the PROFIBUS technology in Latin America, as well as support academic teaching and research within the University of Sao Paulo-USP in Sao Carlos City;
  • Serve as a technology show room and display PROFIBUS products from multiple manufacturers.

“The PICC in Brazil is a landmark in the history of the PROFIBUS in Latin America. We have in Brazil one of the biggest installed base in the industry using PROFIBUS technology and, now, users, manufacturers, members and students at University of Sao Paulo will be able to count on a centre of PROFIBUS technology, in services, training, certifications of professionals and much more. This PICC is strategic for all areas of the industrial automation, specially saying for Brazil, therefore, beyond the detached functions previously, the PICC will be the catalyzer agent of new PROFIBUS features, integrated to the activities of the RPA and the PI, and, especially a safe step for the professionalization of the RPA in Latin America, the established goal when we founded it in 1999 the entity.”, comments Cesar Cassiolato.

Cesar Cassiolto and Dennis Brandao are Certified PROFIBUS Installers and Engineers