BRAZIL / ETHANOL: The biggest Ethanol plant in the world has been successfully commissioned using a SMAR PROFIBUS Automation System. The plant, at Jatai, Goias state, belongs to the COSAN Group. It is equipped with two turbines generating 65 MW, and it mills 21,000 tons of sugar cane per day, producing 2,249 m3 of ethanol. According to Fernando Liboni, the project manager from SMAR, this is a modern plant using PROFIBUS with SYSTEM302 SMAR Automation System. There are 800 SMAR PROFIBUS PA devices, including pressure and temperature transmitters, and valve positioners in different areas of the plant, including Utilities, Juice Preparation, Fermentation, Syrup Treatment, Distillation, Power Generation, Water Feeding & Treatment, Steam Boiler and Diffuser. There are 14 redundant operation stations arranged in a modern control room, everything integrated and operated by a SYSTEM302 from SMAR. According to Mr Armando Viotti, Cosan Group Operational General Director, the plant shows “auspicious and positive results.” He highlights the importance of the PROFIBUS automation system from SMAR in delivering the results and benefits. Watch video here.