Qatar Petroleum Receives 4-20mA/HART Training

The Smar Department of Training and International Applications Engineering hosted a training course for a group of instructors from Qatar Petroleum Training Center May 8 to 11 in Doha, capital of Qatar. This in-depth training included Operation, Installation, Configuration and Maintenance.

The comprehensive course instructs users on the Smar CP07, LD301, TT301 and DT301 with its 40- hour program. Applications Engineer Luciano Lemes presented the course which included combined theoretical information with practical exercises to cover the detailed aspects of installation, operation, configuration and maintenance of the Smar 4-20mA/ HART transmitters. The transmitters can be applied to the measurement of pressure, level, temperature, flow and density in automatic process control.

Qatar Petroleum has a Smar Simulated Plant and two projects at the existing facility implementing the Smar System302 solution. “The client can now utilize the Smar equipment according to the required application, in addition to identifying the various HART and Foundation Fieldbus products that are already working in the pilot plants they previously acquired”, concludes Luciano.