RD400 - Transmissor de Nível por Onda Guiada

The RD400 - Guided Wave Radar Transmitter project is in full swing and has gained remarkable success with new applications in a variety of industrial sectors. The benefits of the new TDR technology are increasingly more evident in the Brazilian market with its proven solutions in level measurement, which had been widely unsuccessful to date. Examples include sugar silos, processed minerals, vacuum distillation oil towers and silos with coke extracted from petroleum, in addition to acid tanks with probes covered with a special polymer.

In addition, several events to introduce the RD400 - Guided Wave Radar Transmitter technology and applications have been illustrated nationally. “There is a tremendous opportunity to promote the new transmitter in Brazil, where experience with the technology in the local market provides significant credibility for prospects or opportunities that have been unsuccessful in level measurement previously”, states Smar Product Manager Marcus Vinicius Silva.