Rio´s most modern Usina Canabrava has complete SMAR automation

“Located in the Campos area, the plant will process 2 million tons of sugar cane on each crop.”

With strong presence in Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil, SMAR was the responsible for the total automation of the newly inaugurated Usina Canabrava. Located in Campos dos Goytacazes and owned by Ludovico Ginnattásio.

Usina Canabrava Industrial Director, Elieser Valente and Vagner Alves, Automation and Electric Supervisor, and SMAR Marcus Vinícius Ribeiro, Applications Manager, Derek Stesse, Project Engineer, João Luis Ancheschi, Salesperson, and José Roberto Sponchiado, Sales Manager, were responsible for the project, which was concluded in 90 days. The installations were executed by the customer.

The projectincludedtheFactory Acceptance Test – FAT, a procedure that interconnects and teststhe complete system, before being shippedto the customer. “We know that a company wants automation in search for more productivity and quality, avoiding process breakdown, and this is whatSMAR does best on any production stage”, affirms Sponchiado.

According to him, every small or big project is very important to SMAR. “It is very gratifying to see one more plant automated with SMAR equipments. We expect to accomplish important new works in Rio de Janeiro state, as the present one in Usina Canabrava", he concludes.

See in detail some of the work carried out by SMAR in different Usina Canabrava areas:

Crushing Sector

Applications of the LC700, HART Protocol, responsible for the following controllers:

  • Level control of the 1st  tandem;
  • Protection against turbine cloggings on the pricker and shredder;
  • Synchronism of the metallic conveyors and shredded cane;
  • Level control of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tandems and the displacement of the upper crusher rollers
  • 4th tandem imbibition control;
  • Juice tank level control.

The crushing tandems are totally motorized. The variables of Siemens intelligent relays on PROFIBUS DP are monitored by the SYSTEM302. This is one of the great advantages of the SMAR system, as it enables hybrid applications with multiple protocols and in this specific case, the HART and PROFIBUS protocols.  


Boiler Sector

  • Three-element level control;
  • Combustion control;
  • Circulation control;
  • De-aerator level control;
  • Recirculation control of the water pump that supplies the boiler.

In this project, a boiler with 200 ton/h of steamand 65 kgf/cm² at 500 °C is being mounted for cogeneration of energy, usinga redundantcontrolsystem. It will be able to generate 43 MW.


Juice Treatment Sector

This sector is totally automated with HART protocols and PROFIBUS DP monitoring.



Distillery Sector

This sector will have capacity to produce 500 thousand liters of hydrated alcohol, being totally automated. Even manufacturing only alcohol at the beginning of its production, Usina Canabrava is already equipped to produce sugar.  


Supervisory screen: De-aerator


Supervisory screen: Crushing


Supervisory screen: Juice Treatment