Robust and Precise DT300 Transmitter - Mining Highlights

DT301 Density Transmitter installed in the Samarco facilities in Mariana, MG, Brazil

The SMAR DT300 Density Transmitter line was designed and patented by SMAR for continuous density and concentration measurement of liquids. The SMAR DT300 Density Transmitter enables real time monitor and control during industrial processes. It is available in two models: industrial, for processes in general and sanitary, for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Due to its versatility and immensely precise measurement, these transmitters may be applied in virtually every industrial process.

Several possible applications are present including iron ore pulp density or concentration measurement for the mining sector, which is investing considerably in this product in 2008. SMAR supplied density measurement systems for several companies including Samarco, CVRD and CBMM, among other large Brazilian operations.