Sales and Technology: one more training of the RPA Brazil Latin America

More than 40 professionals of  RPA company associates had participated of one more training of sales promoted by RPA Brazil Latin America on 02 July, in São Paulo. The main goal was to train the force of sales from the members in Profibus DP, Profibus PA, Drivers, Profiles and AS-i technologies, providing arguments of sales and prominence in the technology. During three hours all participants had heard intent to the presentations of Cesar Cassiolato, President of the RPA and Leandro Torres, Director of Profibus PA Technology of RPA, both from SMAR, and Carlos Fernando, from Siemens.

This training - that will happen again only in the next year - has the paper to bring the update of information and knowledge in Profibus and, at the same time, is also valuable to integrate the group of professionals of members of RPA Brazil Latin America.  General definitions on the Profibus and examples of applications envolving Profibus DP and Profibus PA, general aspects on the market had been some of the subjects detailed.

However, one of the moments of high interest during the training was the expectation of the customers in relation to the market situation. In this aspect, the presenters had remembered that the Profibus technology is in operation in several applications around of the world for more than 20 years with approximately 30 million installed nodes. It is a consolidated technology but not static and had provided benefits in several plants. The training was a success.

For more information: Cesar Cassiolato – cesarcass@smar.com.br