Today in the Residence of the Brazilian Ambassador in Belgrade a contract is ceremonially signed between SMAR Company from Brazil and WIG Company from Serbia. Contract, originally about cooperative expansion of the two mentioned companies, were signed by the Mr. Carlos Miranda, Business Development Manager of Company SMAR and Mrs. Snežana Gavrilović-Pirec and Mr. Slobodan Pirec, both founders and owners of Company WIG. By that act, Company WIG have new status meaning as a System Integrator, authorized to make independent projects, to implement and put in production highly sophisticated process control systems.

Brazilian-American Company SMAR represent one of the leading and the most advantageous world companies in the industrial instrumentation and automation control field. Operating worldwide, SMAR forge partnerships with many leading companies. Cooperation between SMAR and WIG as regional partner, with central office in Belgrade, started in 1999 with distribution of SMAR products. Very soon, however, idea to offer high-tech, up-to-date options for modernization, reconstruction and/or expansion of the existing facilities was born. WIG today is gathering team of highly trained specialists, capable to offer and to carry out some of the most sophisticated solutions in this field.

So far, partnership is proven on considerable number of well-known industrial projects in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Some of them are Underground Natural Gas Storage Depot in Banatski Dvor, Vertical Calcination Bauxite Kiln in Birac, Zvornik and in Aluminum Plant Podgorica, then instrumentation revamping in Electric Power Plant in Kostolac, and many projects currently on in Oil Refineries Pancevo and Novi Sad, HIP Petrohemija and in Synthetic Caoutchouc Plant in Elemir. All those projects implement the most advanced solutions of Foundation Fieldbus full digital communication in the field, therefore enabling process data integration up to all high levels of the corporative control.


This represents the first contract of its kind which SMAR concludes with one European Company so far.

Intention is to develop in Serbia an Integration Center for wider regional coverage in EMEA Countries and Russia.