Shahu Sugar Impressed with Foundation Fieldbus Technology

Indian sugar mill Shahu Sugar continues to expand its automation system with the use of Foundation Technology. The process initially included three B&C sugar mass cookers at the Shree Chhatrapati Shahu SSK plant in Kagal, South India and has resulted in the company being presented with several international performance awards.

At this time, they are focusing on the modernization of other areas in the facility with this innovative technology. Level feeding and brix control, flow, pressure and temperature measurement devices were installed in several production stages. Automation included the installation of level, temperature and pressure transmitters with fieldbus technology hardware and software. Engineer Evandro Sanches was responsible for the system commissioning and startup.

Shahu Kagal is the only facility of its kind in India to master such a distinguished level of automation. The company held a special opening ceremony for the System302 automation. According to Max Ludewig, Smar Business Manager, “This represents the best possible automation system for a sugar factory and is one that yields amazing results in terms of uniform reading, steam conservation and capacity increase”. Indpro is the Smar system integrator in India and supplied panels, control valves, I/P converters and supervisory and engineering computers.