Shell Nigeria Gets System302 Training

Participants of the Smar System 302 training in Shell, Nigeria.

To enhance the benefits of Foundation Fieldbus technology in its facility, Shell Nigeria staged an advanced training course at their Nigerian Shell Training Center. Smar was honored to participate in this support of their client and provided experienced technicians who educated the attendees on the scope and utilization of Foundation Fieldbus at the plant. The focus of the training was to simplify the operation and ensure that the available benefits from Foundation Fieldbus technology were realized for the flow measuring stations controlled by Smar System302.

The participants observed practical demonstrations with Smar DemoKits, where various Foundation Fieldbus project scenarios and applications were illustrated. The training expanded the knowledge for Shell engineers and technicians to utilize a broader range of System302 tools, such as Syscon, Process View, AssetView, etc.

To facilitate the training, all of the workstations were interconnected to a projector for simple integration between the participants and utilization of the automation system. Each participant was able to show his ‘station’ to the others which enhanced the degree of learning.

A group of some 100 trainees can attend several categorized sessions on Maintenance, Operation and Engineering. Each session supports different aspects of the system and its implementation (in practical and theoretical hardware and software scenarios), reinforces and enhances basic knowledge of fieldbus technology.

Infrastructure: The best simulation system. The Smar Foundation Fieldbus training kit was specifically designed to simulate real operating conditions of a Fieldbus system. It contains several modules (DF51, DF42, DF58, DF47, etc) that allow for training from the basic power supply to more intricate network architecture with minimal field equipment required. The TT302, LD302, LD292 are examples of the devices that work with the kit.