Smar and DLG Sign Exclusive Agreement

Smar provides the international market with the complete line of DLG products, thereby enabling the company’s representatives to add the Smar + DLG products to their portfolio. The following products below offer now added solutions to your requirements:

    1- Sensors and Transmitters
    • Capacitive Sensor - SC-100 and SC – 500

    • SND-200 Conductive Probe - SND-200

    • Concentration Probe - SD-2000

    2- Transfer Station (Back-up)
    3- Steam Turbines Control
    4- Signal Converters and Isolators
    5- Indicators
    6- Spare parts for Panels
    7- Anti-foam Ejection
    8- Calibrators and Simulators
    9- Relays

One of the products marketed is the model SD2000 liquid Brix transmitter. According to Max Ludewig, Smar Business Development Manager, this agreement is already operational in India. “The product is applied locally for Brix measurement in sugar pans and vacuum pans, where our DT301 cannot be applied because the negative pressure inside the tank, with this RF transmitter (SD2000) we got tremendous achievements”, he indicated. The agreement was signed recently and Smar marketing dept. we will soon issue a price list, documentation, catalogs and the entire material for the English version.

Smar is also considering in the near future implementing a label agreement on the best-selling products. “We believe this partnership is highly important to our representative network, as we now can count on other high-tech products in our product line, which offer the Smar guarantee and technical support,” adds Cesar Cassiolato, Smar Marketing Director.

The business regional areas included in this exclusive Smar + DLG agreement are NAFTA, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific, with exception to Latin America.

“The partnership with Smar is a very prestigious one to DLG, considering that we’ve been working with them in Brazil for over 10 years. Now this agreement with Smar International Division will make it possible to export our products worldwide through the Smar’s excellent sales Representative network”, concludes Glauco Guaitoli, DLG’s president. We look forward to receive your inquiries in the above mentioned new devices available for our Representatives network worldwide.