Smar and Esco at AOG 2003

The Argentina Oil & Gas Exhibition was held at the "Centro Costa Salguero" in Buenos Aires, from October 6-10, 2003. In addition to the exhibition, the First International Energy Forum ("1er. Foro Internacional de la Energía") was held with participation from major industry companies including Petrobras, Chevron Texaco, Pan American Energy, Schlumberger and Wintershall.

With more than 250 exhibitors in the 80.000 sq. ft. facility, the show successfully drew in more than 21.000 visitors during the 5-day exhibition. Companies involved in research, commercialization, exploration, treatment, refining, transportation and drilling; as well as companies dedicated to supplying equipment to the Oil & Gas industry, were present.

ESCO ARGENTINA S.A., represented SMAR at AOG. ESCO displayed the HART®, FF and Profibus product lines, with special emphasis on the DT301 density transmitter and Fieldbus control system SYSTEM302. A technical presentation on Fieldbus Control Systems in Oil & Gas applications was also provided by Pablo Batch, ESCO and Fernando Luquetti of SMAR.