SMAR China Hosts Discussion on Valve Positioners and the Brand New Guided Wave Level Transmitter

The SMAR Beijing subsidiary team attended a training program on the new FY400 positioner in March. The program was presented by Product Manager Celso Nobre to Chinese technicians and engineers specialized in industrial automation.

The workshop was held at the SMAR China facilities and coordinated by Mike Wei, Subsidiary Manager. The presentation focused on the key innovative features of the FY400 positioner, including the automatic tuning process, the sensor non-mechanical position, installation simplicity, easy configuration and connectivity with other managing systems.

The participants were particularly attracted with the FY400 capability to supply data on the status of process controlling valves. The FY400 positioner diagnostics feature functions with the valve in relation to the maintenance management applications and anticipates when the valve needs maintenance. This information is supplied to the user prior to receiving fault warnings. With the growing market demand for high quality and performance equipment, the FY400 diagnostics feature significantly reduces unexpected repair costs and assists in preventing production losses or unexpected process outages.

Celso Nobre, SMAR product manager with technicians and engineers from China

According to Celso Nobre, who provided the training presentation, this product training opportunity was another that complies with SMAR target strategies for the international market. “The training program both markets and strengthens the company’s presence in the global scene and helps generate widespread awareness of SMAR´s Brazilian technology worldwide”, he indicated.

Another product presentation was provided by Marcus Vinicius on SMAR’s new Guided Wave Radar which was launched in May-08. As the RD400 Product Manager, Marcus Vinicius provided a week of training and presentations on the product technology in Beijing, China. “This is one of our strongest markets to present the RD400 after launching it in Brazil. We’re counting on China to quickly assume significant sales and sizeable product interest in the Guided Wave Radar for Brazil”.

Marcus Vinicius, SMAR product manager during his presentation at SMAR China

Initially, the product was presented to the SMAR team of engineers to illustrate the technical and commercial features and was followed by the introduction to SMAR’s China representatives. A number of topics were covered including the complete sales process (which included analysis of the product for the level to be measured), installation conditions, reference projects to present to customers, configuration, and after-sales services. This comprehensive introduction confirmed the RD400 as a complete solution for level measurement.

“We are all excited about it and will work hard to sell it”, says Mike Wei, SMAR China Manager.