SMAR Didactic Plant Enriches Academic Program Since 2001

PUC-Minas, the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais State, in Brazil, distinguishes itself for its academic program. Since 2001, their campus in Belo Horizonte offers classes with the SMAR Didactic Plant, a teaching tool that combines practical experience with theoretical knowledge for future engineers. The plant used to operate with ISP (Interoperable Systems Project) system but, this year, the plant was upgraded to operate with Foundation Fieldbus technology, an open digital network protocol offering countless possibilities to the industrial automation market.

The teachers from PUC-Minas Renata Umbelino Rego e Rose Mary Cosso Schuttenberg

Professor Rose Mary C. Schuttenberg emphasizes the importance for the students to interact with the Didactic Plant, which simulates an industrial environment to develop the necessary knowledge to make decisions when optimizing processes. “Using SMAR Didactic Plant now with Foundation Fieldbus technology, we are qualifying our students with advanced control techniques, studied in theoretical and applied disciplines, focusing several control strategies operating variables such as level, flow and temperature”, says Prof. Schuttenberg.

Since its first use in the university, over 3 thousand students in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Telecommunication, and Control and Automation have had classes with the Didactic Plant, which assists the learning process in disciplines such as Automation, Advanced Computing (Supervisory Systems) and Process Control.

According to Luciano Botto, SMAR Product and Marketing Manager for Educational Institutions, the Didactic Plant assures that newly graduated professionals will be aptly qualified for the job market. “The practical experience of an engineer who had access to the didactic plant during his or her graduation can be compared to the years of residency undertook by a doctor, who needs a long-time training and experience to practice medicine”, compares Mr. Botto.

The Didactic Plant installed at PUC-Minas is also a model for other educational institutions, such as CEFET-MG – The Technological Education Federal Center in Minas Gerais.