Smar Entertains Fenasucro Clients

Business and Relaxation at Fenasucro Close of Day

Smar entertains visitors at the Fenasucro Show (Sugar Alcohol and Alcohol Show) by hosting a delicious meal for its clients on the final day. Smar served a “feijoada” which is a tasty Brazilian dish made with black beans and pork. “The reception was an opportunity to get together and integrate with our clients and international representatives, while bringing them up-to-date with Smar’s latest projects”, said Eduardo Munhoz, director of the Sugar and Alcohol Division. Fenasucro provides an ideal opportunity to develop business relations. Even more so, it is an important event that helps boost Brazil’s economy”, stresses Munhoz.

Brazilian Alcohol Destillery “Serra dos Aimorés” – Dasa, is an excellent example as it is planning to acquire a new sugar plant in 2008 and will expand its current plant automation by the end of this year. “Smar was selected to supply all of the equipment as we have maintained a firm and reliable relationship with them, and it is one that has always met our requirements”, points out Carlos Elpidio de Mello Prado, Dasa´s Industrial Manager.

Smar also has dedicated clients abroad such as Ingenio Andahuasi, of Peru, which intends to invest in new automation based on the successful performance of Smar equipment previously purchased. “Brazil has gained an important position in the industrial equipment market internationally. Smar is recognized for both its focused client support and engineering expertise in the market”, says Marco Polo Fuentes, Industrial Manager with the Peruvian company Andahuasi who currently utilize several Smar products and systems.

In Índia, Smar equipment has been received and commended by the local industry. “Smar has a tremendous sales network in India with excellent service support, in addition to other qualities that have improved our mutual interests”, said Mr. K.K. Shrivastava, Manager of Chino-Laxson. Chino Laxson is one of Smar´s major representatives in the international market and has been a Smar partner in India since 2002.

According to Cesar Cassiolato, Smar Marketing Director, Fenasucro´s outcome this year was very positive relative to Smar business potential. “Again, we presented first-rate equipment paralleled with superior technology in our show room, and it has attracted the attention of hundreds of experts from all over the world”, he says.