SMAR Envisioning the Future

"The future cannot be predicted, but it can be invented. It is our ability to invent the future which gives us hope and makes us what we are."
Dennis Gabor, Nobel Prize Winner.

This famous quote reflects SMAR's view of today's business challenges, as well as our vision of technology achievements and new innovations. It also embodies how we pursue our position in the market.

In a challenging economy, those who are alert will succeed, gaining advantages by monitoring and evaluating the market in search of innovative business opportunities. As a high-tech company with solutions that generate benefits for different segments of the industrial market, SMAR is always on the lookout in an ever-changing environment. We strive for new opportunities that boost our evolution, with controlled risk to guarantee and differentiate our success, our associates and our customers.

Founded in 1974, SMAR is recognized as a global leader in automation technology for process and discrete manufacturing. Our company maintains operations in 10 countries, as well as an extensive international network of distributors and representatives. SMAR has pioneered many of today's advanced digital field instrument and control network technologies. Our capabilities are reflected in a broad product offering based on the industry-standard HART, FOUNDATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS, OPC, and Modbus protocols.

SMAR's powerful SYSTEM302 enterprise automation system has gained prominence as a "best-in-class" solution in industrial facilities around the world. In addition, our complete system integration capabilities include one of the industry's widest selections of field devices, interfaces, integrated circuits and software.

"Exploring the future can bring great rewards if you are right – but losses can be immense if you are wrong. There's no small or easy task. The future is not for us to see. A lot of research, expertise, intuition and even good luck are required in order to stay ahead. Fortunately, by working together with our customers, we have managed to succeed over the years".
- Edmundo Gorini, SMAR President

The world constantly presents new challenges, requiring innovative new techniques, which can be used to meet them. The art is in seeing how to stay ahead of changing market demands. Fortunately, these are on going, recognized achievements of our company.

Envision the future of your plant.

Thank you