Smar Expands in the International Oil and Gas Market

Smar Technology at Ekofisk offshore platform, North Sea, Norway

Focused on the growing demand for energy and the increasing world market for oil and byproduct prices, Smar has enlarged its role in this highly competitive oil and gas sector. According to Swen Rodulfo Baechler, Manager for Oil and Gas Business, it is the second largest Smar sales sector, following sugar and alcohol. “Smar started by offering solutions and equipment for the off-shore platforms in Scandinavian countries and then expanded its scope to oil regions worldwide”, he explains.

Today, Smar operates in the oil segment in every continent and is prominent in the Middle East which is the world’s largest oil producer and exporter. In 2005, Smar entered into the Algerian market for the first time. This region is the Mediterranean oil production leader. “The oil and gas business has influential purchasing power and strong investment policies that help materialize into several production and refining projects”, he adds.

Smar’s leading product in this industry market culminates with the LD300 pressure transmitter line, among other successful products. To Baechler, the strong acceptance for Smar products stems from excellent performance, which is in compliance with the strict oil sector standards regarding flow and tank capacity levels. “Smar has also gained prominence with its “AuditFlow and AuditTank Flow Measuring System”, he concludes.

In order to stay abreast of current market trends and developmental requirements, Smar participates in several international technical and business exhibitions. One of these recent events included the OTC Show (Offshore Technology Conference) in Houston, Texas, which is an important and recognized opportunity for industry specialists throughout the world.