Smar + HIMA Australia Partnership Enable Superior Process and Safety Control

From the left to the right: Dieter Seiger - HIMA Australia General Manager Asia Pasific, Dean McNair - HIMA Australia National Sales and Marketing Manager, Cláudio Borges - SMAR International Sales Manager, Geoff Munday - HIMA Australia Managing Director, Jamie Falzon - Regional Manager - WA, SA, Patrick Matthews - KROHNE Managing Director, Tiago Costa - SMAR Singapore Director and Murray McLaren - Regional Manager QLD & NT during the meeting in Perth, WA - Australia

Smar has recently engaged in a partnership with HIMA Australia for the Australian and New Zealand Markets. HIMA Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German company HIMA Paul Hildebrandt, who is the pioneer and market leader of electronic safety related systems to SIL 4.

HIMA Australia sought a strong partner with aligned values in open integration, scalability, and standards based systems and identified Smar as the best partner to meet these objectives. Immediately following the conclusion of the agreement, Smar Singapore Director Tiago Costa provided advanced training to HIMA Australia engineers. Three working systems have been shipped to HIMA Australia and senior engineer Mr Alexandre Peixoto has been relocated to Australia to provide support and further training and development.

According to Claudio Borges, the integration of Smar System302 with HIMA´s safety system will provide the market with a comprehensive and complete solution. According to Mr Geoff Munday, the market in Australia is looking for a true open and interoperable control and safety solution not available until now with legacy proprietary DCS and PLC systems.

We have an exciting challenge ahead, with both companies providing the necessary commitment and resources to make it a success.