SMAR Initiates 8th Annual SMAR Asia-Pacific Representatives Meeting

8th Annual SMAR Asia-Pacific Representatives Meeting

SMAR Singapore Pte Ltd invited their representatives from the Asia Pacific Countries and Australia from April 9-11, for a biennial meeting to provide information on the latest products and sales strategies to expand the company’s targeted markets. The meeting was held at the Holiday Inn Atrium in Singapore and involved participation from their representatives located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, Australia, Viet Nam, Thailand and Brunei.

The primary focus of the presentation involved the new line of products, including the 400 product family, including the LD400 high performance pressure and dp transmitters, the temperature transmitter TT400, the new valve positioner FY400 and the radar level RD400. Tiago Costa – SMAR Singapore Managing Director and Celso Nobre – Valve Positioner Product Manager delivered the product presentations. ¨The new devices drew the attention of the attendees and the larger displays exhibiting the Line 400 and enhanced performance were well received by our partners¨ commented Tiago. Celso Nobre indicated that the new intelligent positioner FY400 brings numerous benefits to users, which features include: auto-setup, self-tuning and advanced diagnostics. The FY400 has the capacity to store diagnostics and trends data to provide simple maintenance facilitation for preventive, predictive and proactive management. ¨The FY400 is designed with DTM communication and can be easily integrated into any FDT/DTM compliant tool¨ added Celso.

In the second part of the event, SYSTEM302 Version 7 presentations were provided by Mr.Alexandre Peixoto – Business Development Manager. During this segment, new sales strategies were presented to promote SYSTEM302, including the enhanced sales tools for improved efficiency in providing quotations as well as increased local support through inclusion of the SMAR Certified Integrators Program. Mr. Murray McLaren from HIMA Australia also presented how HIMA and SMAR can be seamlessly interfaced, to expand opportunities in providing a complete system solution. ¨In addition to all of the recent enhancements implemented in the new SYSTEM302 version, SMAR is also focused in providing continual and dedicated concentration in the effort to insure that system sales increase worldwide. SMAR truly believes that the key to success embraces the representative force and continues to include sales training to educate and emphasize the focus on system sales.¨ informed Alexandre.

The meeting was very motivating and successfully proven, with conclusive feedback from the attendees, who are diligently working to maintain momentum and expand the opportunities provided through SMAR in this very promising process automation marketing.”