Smar installs major automation system in Thailand

Smar was instrumental in the successful installation and operation of an automation system for NY Sugar Co. Ltd. in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, 200 miles from Bangkok. This refinery operates with four cookers and produces 820 tons of super granulated sugar daily.

"This successful project resulted from the efforts of everyone involved and will be followed with a visit of the NY Sugar directors to Brazil. In addition to NY Sugar, Smar also installed six DT301 density and concentration meters at the Mitr Phol UFIC, Khon Khaen Sugar and Mirtr Phol Kalasin mills. The sugar facility installations enhance our market presence in Thailand and increase the potential for future business," says Jayme Tamaki Jr., Smar Business Development Manager.

"With the penetration of these products in the sugar industry and as additional sugar plants observe the efficiency of the NY Sugar automation system, we will experience higher visibility and interest in Smar products in the Thailand market," adds Sompon Wongcharern, head of Smart Control & Application, Smar local representative.