SMAR installs sugar cane control system at Tropical Bioenergia


Usina Tropical Bioenergia acquired from SMAR an automatic system  for sugar cane process control. The system is already in operation and provides more regularity to the sugarcane production inflow, one that was done manually before.  

SMAR used its TP303, DF73 and SYSTEM302 devices on the improvement of the cane diffusion and crushing, a move that counted on the endorsement of the mill´s Instrumentation Supervisor, Marcos Tulio de Oliveira. “SMAR has already implemented the automatization of other plant processes through the SYSTEM302, specifically the PROFIBUS series 303 line!”, adds Washington Luiz Barros, SMAR  Instrumentation Technician.


Barros explains that the cane mattress uniformity obtained with automation avoids sudden oscillations on the turbines, increases crushing and reduces non-scheduled outages. “As the result of its 35-year experience on the agricultural energy sector, SMAR can offer the client a unique type of control loop”, he emphasizes.

Located at Edeia, a city in the southwest of Goias state in Brazil, Tropical Bioenergia started operations in 2008. In its 2010 crop production, almost 2,5 million tons per crop are estimated.