HOUSTON, Texas – Spring’09: A growing number of companies now offer turnkey hardware and software development solutions for Fieldbus devices, as well as consultancy services helping with network interfaces and migration from analog instrument designs to modern Fieldbus communication.

Smar International Corporation located in Houston, Texas completes its certification as SYSTEM302 - System Integrator. Smar’s powerful SYSTEM302 has gained prominence as a "best-in-class" industrial automation solution in installations around the world. Control Distribution, System Configuration, Asset Management, Network Management and System Documentation are all available in one, easy-to-use, integrated control system. Interoperable with all major network protocols, SYSTEM302 simplifies your automation decisions. This open, scalable solution is designed to protect your installed asset and co-exist with any legacy systems.

Smar successful installations can be found in the most complex application such as chemical, refining, oil&gas, ethanol, nuclear, military and many others.

To find out how Smar can free up your plant’s performance just dial 1800 762 7833 or sales@smar.com