SMAR International Division Sales Manager Quarterly Meeting

SMAR International Division Sales Manager Quartely Meeting

Every three months, the SMAR International Division hosts the sales team members from its international distributors / representativesas they attend the quarterly sales meeting. The recent meeting was held October 16-19 at the SMAR Training Center in Sertãozinho, São Paulo Brasil.

The focus of these meetings includes analyzing previous quarter sales and current forecast YTD. During this third quarter meeting, future goals were identified and established for 2008. According to International Sales Manager Cláudio Borges, “This event provides a preview for developing a definitive business plan within the following two months, based on the last quarter figures”.

Some fifty participants enjoyed the keynote presentations made by SMAR President, Edmundo Gorini, Directors Paulo Lorenzato and Eduardo Munhoz, and Product Managers Marcus Vinicius Silva and Celso Nobre, as well as additional presentations by members of the SMAR team.

Each of the presentations focused on three main subjects: (1) comparison of the forecast with third quarter results; (2) details and data regarding the introduction of the company’s new products (the 400 line - the RD, a guided-waves level meter / the LD, a pressure transmitter / and the FY valve positioner); and, (3) analysis of the sales forecast for 2008. “Business Managers report for their respective territories to identify the sales forecast for each product, each country and associated pricing strategies, etc.”, added Borges.

At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees had the opportunity to relax and enjoy visiting at an open-air gathering at fazenda Vista Alegre, a nearby rural resort.