SMAR International Introduces New Rep

Bill Colaianni and Joe Rondan – SMAR, Terry Mc Roberts, Gary Buford, Bruce Dye and Herb Kadane – Industrial Equipment Company

SMAR International Corp. recently welcomed the latest additions to their representative team.  The new representatives include Industrial Equipment Company, Texas and subsidiary Currier & Roser, Inc., in Louisiana.  Industrial Equipment Company attended training of the transmitter product line and related application solutions. The course was held in September 2008 at the SMAR Training Center in Houston, Texas. The focus of the training was to illustrate to the participants the latest technical and marketing specifications for SMAR products.

Training Attendees

The workshop provided significant insight and clarification on the company product line to its attendees. “SMAR depends on their well prepared sales representatives having the best tools to compete in the sales field”, says SMAR Houston Sales Manager Bill Colaianni, one of the coordinators of the event.

Industrial Equipment Company was founded in 1936, with seven offices throughout Texas and includes its subsidiary in Louisiana.  The corporation is also considered one of the nations leading manufacturer’s representative and distribution companies. With a highly trained team of project engineers, sales engineers and service technicians, they are now offering SMAR products and services in Texas and Louisiana. For more information please visit http://www.smar.com/representatives_northamerica.asp

Joe Rondan President/CEO, Kevin Leu – Senior Inside Sales, Ernani Verissimo – Project Manager

SMAR Houston Training Center:
SMAR International, Houston, Texas, offers training courses on Foundation Fieldbus, Hart and Profibus products, systems and customized solutions emphasizing hands-on designing, installation and maintenance instruction on our products and services.