SMAR Introduces CONF401 Hart Configuration Software

Powerful, multi-platform solution for managing HART devices

Smar today announced the introduction of CONF401, a powerful configuration software package enabling a desktop PC to serve as a full-featured configurator and device manager for HART instruments. Designed to run on both Microsoft Windows and UNIX platforms, the CONF401 software provides a user-friendly, multi-platform solution for managing HART-based device networks.

CONF401, which employs Smar's industry-leading software tools and management functions, serves as a single, easy-to-use, PC-based platform for configuring HART devices, testing and adjusting network settings, modifying instrument operations, analyzing data, and managing HART networks. It provides full support for all Smar HART instruments, as well as access to the most common practice functions in devices from various manufacturers without need for device-specific software. Additionally, CONF401 seamlessly integrates with Smar’s HPC301 hand-held configuration tool.

With CONF401, online access to device information, configuration, remote monitoring, calibration and range setting, diagnostics and maintenance is not only easy thanks to the software's large screen and structured layout, but also exceptionally fast, resulting in shorter set-up times.

According to Smar International Corp. (USA) sales manager, Dave Evans, CONF401 sets a new standard for HART configuration software. "CONF401 takes advantage of today's most advanced control and interface tools to provide users with a robust, yet simple solution for managing all of their HART instruments, regardless of manufacturer," said Evans. "The software, which is implemented using JAVA technology, features an intuitive, graphical interface designed for easy use, fast learning and improved reliability. At the same time, it incorporates the industry-standard HART Universal/Common Practice Command Set for added power and flexibility."

Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Microsoft NT and UNIX desktops, as well as any HART to EIA-RS232C interface, the CONF401 configuration software supports multidrop operation and includes full bus monitoring through the included HART serial monitor. The software integrates complete trending and graphics capabilities, and enables configurations to be set up off-line and stored for later use. Device and trending data are easily exported in standard formats (i.e, .csv and .txt.

Because CONF401 integrates all devices into one program, users do not have to learn instrument-specific interface protocols. The software provides a single tool which can be configured for operators, maintenance staff, supervisors, engineers and others involved with HART networks. It includes all instrument functions, features and parameters, as well as program and instrument password protection and user configuration tools providing the ability to control individual access.

Best of all, the CONF401 software utilizes a one-step installation process, plus an extensive, online help system that reduces the need for training and manuals.