Smar invests in technical seminars program for its engineers

Smar has launched a new technical improvement program to its employees. This new program is based on seminars given by the employees to their colleagues. Once a week, a 2-hour presentation is given on various topics. Typically, presentations are related to technical subjects on various Smar products, as well as products from other manufacturers. Foundation Fieldbus, Intrinsic Safety, FF Macrocycle, Panel Design, Valves and Thermocouples are subjects that have already being covered on these seminars.

According to Claudio Fayad, Engineering Manager, the seminar program is an initiative to improve not only overall knowledge of the company, but also to create an informal environment for exchange of ideas among the engineers and technicians. The effort to advance communications and information distribution is a constant goal of Smar Management.

The seminars have been very successful, with an average attendance of 25 people. The feedback from attendees is quite positive and shows a high satisfaction rating with the presentation program.

When questioned about his impression of the seminars, José Inácio, one of Smar’s Project Managers, stated that: “...it is really a good tool to spread both technical and managerial experiences to all Smar peers. Personally, from the date the seminar program was launched, I have avoided missing the presentations since I felt it really enhances my background on several issues. The information that was previously restricted to the individual who undertakes a specific project can now be distributed, better preparing our professionals”.

We wish continued success to all involved in this project.