SMAR is present at 70% of new Brazilian sugar- ethanol plants

In the last two year crops (2008/2009) there appeared 58 new sugar, ethanol and energy producing plants. From this total, 40 count on field instrumentation totally supplied by SMAR, such as flow meters, valve positioners, level, pressure and temperature transmitters, among other devices. Twelve of them already hired SMAR as sole provider for the complete automation of the project, including design, field instrumentation, configuration and startup, including the control system.

Companhia Energética Santa Elisa COI in Sertãozinho, SP

According to Eduardo Munhoz, Director of SMAR Sugar and Ethanol Division, this presence in 40 new plants in the past two years, accounting for 70% of the market, is the result of 35 years of activity in Brazil´s sugar-ethanol segment. “This participation is a reason for proud and gratification, as we regard it as the market´s recognition to a company that accompanied the growth and strengthening of this segment through the different stages of the world´s economy,” he states.

According to Munhoz, SMAR is the only automation company present at the 434 Brazilian sugar and ethanol plants and the responsible for 80% of the field devices installed in the segment. “SMAR is a motor that in the past three and a half decades propelled the massive use of automated controls systems all over the country,” he comments. “Currently is the sole Brazilian company prepared to fully assume an automation project for the sugar-ethanol segment.  We supply the automation project, the control system hardware and software, the design and construction of the control panel, the field instrumentation, the commissioning and startup and, finally, the technical training for the operators,” he adds.

Our estimate is that 15 new plants will start operating in 2010. “Three of them already contracted the instrumentation, from which two selected SMAR. The 12 others that still haven´t decided about the instrumentation or the control system should favor SMAR for 70% of the equipment,” assures Munhoz.

COI (Integrated Operations Center) of CNAA Group (National Company of Sugar and Alcohol) lItuiutaba Bioenergia plant, in Ituiutaba, MG

COI (Integrated Operations Center) of CNAA Group (National Company of Sugar and Alcohol) lItuiutaba Bioenergia plant, in Ituiutaba, MG

Know-how and confidence on sales, commitment after the startup
Among the decisive factors for the acquisition of complete automation from a single supplier, Munhoz stresses the following: “a) the client is the sole negotiator for the entire project, which facilitates the technical discussion and the project blueprint; b) the responsibility is limited to one provider, as deviser and supplier, helping the interface client-supplier and the administration of the job; c) the project itself and the integration between the control system and the plant floor depends on a single party, whereby gray zones concerning responsibilities are eliminated; and d) the client can comfortably discuss his investment as a single package of products and services, which enables better negotiation.”