Smar Mexico 2007 Conference Representatives

Fernando Luquetti, International Business Manager of Smar during his presentation at Smar Mexico 2007 Conference of Representatives.

On May 24 and 25 the annual conference of Smar México representatives took place at the port of Mazatlán, México. The event was attended by the respective directors of the following companies: Aarón Sarabia Rodriguez (A.J. INTEGRACIÓN S.A.), Guadalupe Altamirano (CONTROFLUX S.A. DE C.V.), Jorge Diaz Méndez (J.DIAZ Y CIA. S.A.) and Juan Manuel Montiel (SICA S.A.) The meeting was coordinated by Fernando Luquetti, Smar International Business Manager and Oscar Matus, Director of Smar México S.A.

During the event, all the participants were provided with the opportunity to see the new products to be launched shortly in México, to analyze the marketing policies and procedures to be adopted, as well as evaluate and compare the 2007 sales against the 2006 results. This event provides the representatives with a direction conducive to favorable penetration of the market and successful sales goals achievement.

Fernando Luquetti also remarked that during the two day meeting, participants were able to exchange valuable ideas and experiences to further advance their sales operations in México.