SMAR online asset management system boosts efficiency

AssetView online, network-enabled plant asset management system from SMAR is the first to be designed according to the NAMUR NE91 standard and to take full advantage of powerful FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, and Profibus diagnostics, the company reports.

A key component of SMAR's SYSTEM302-7 enterprise automation solution, AssetView enables process plants to manage the health and performance of field instrumentation and controls better. Unlike traditional "offline" enterprise asset management software that uses manually-entered data to track work orders and costs for plant inventories, the AssetView SYSTEM gives plant personnel the information they need to perform tasks more efficiently. It simplifies assessment of instrument condition, allowing maintenance technicians to make better decisions about the action that needs to be taken.

More than a standard asset management tool, AssetView benefits from the interoperability of SMAR's industry-leading fieldbus solution and uses available parameter information from FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART, or Profibus devices—regardless of their make or model—to help eliminate the constraints of plant-wide integration while protecting the user's installed investment.

Featuring a user-friendly, browser-based interface, AssetView provides continuous, online access to intelligent field devices, and enables technicians to perform diagnostic and maintenance functions, including calibration, device monitoring, device parameterization, valve diagnostic and performance evaluation, loop tests, documentation, and operator audits.

Extracted from Control Engineering website, click here to read the original article.