Smar present at the OPC Interoperability Workshop 2004

Smar was present at the OPC Interoperability Workshop 2004 at the Invensys/Wonderware headquarters in Lake Forest, California, USA. The purpose of this annual event, hosted from March 29th through April 2nd, is to promote interoperability tests among the OPC Foundation member's respective OPC products. OPC is a widely used technology used primarily in process supervision.

Smar included the DFI302 platform servers (DFI OLE Server and HSE OLE Server) in the tests. These servers follow the OPC Data Access 2.05A specification and were recently certified by the OPC Foundation as compliant servers. It is important to recognize that the OPC server's main component is used as a base for all OPC servers used with Smar products.

The Alarm & Events server, which is in final development stages and follows the OPC Alarm & Events 1.10 specification, was also submitted for testing.

Smar's R&D engineer, Ronaldo Duarte, conducted the tests in order to insure seamless operation with the simultaneous access from several clients also testing in the event. He reviewed and confirmed that all the specification requisites were correctly implemented. Smar's products succeeded on every requisite tested, assuring complete interoperability with the 21 most used OPC tools and applications available on the market, which were present in the event.