Smar presented with prestigious FINEP Award

Smar is the honored recipient of the FINEP Award (6th ed.) for the large company category in Brazil. This distinctive award for technological innovation is presented by the Agency for Studies and Projects Funding, a public entity in Brazil. On November 1, Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva presented the award to Libanio de Souza, Smar’s Director of Development. The ceremony took place in a Presidential Palace and was also attended by Mr. Roberto Amaral, Brazil’s Minister of Science and Technology.

The award represents national recognition of Smar’s role in the technology production industry, which has always been given priority and support by the company. “An example of the company’s focus on development is shown in the ongoing contribution from 180 individuals in the Smar R&D Center who are continually producing technology to be exported worldwide”, indicates Souza.

According to FINEP president Sergio Rezende, while complying with the Federal Government’s priority plans, the award is an incentive to promote the innovative efforts of local companies in the technological sector, in addition to providing many benefits to Brazilian society.

Libanio raises the FINEP Award, watched by the Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Roberto Amaral, President Lula da Silva and FINEP President Mr. Sergio Rezende