SMAR - Producing Results Everywhere

From the beginning, SMAR has been first in FOUNDATION fieldbus. We set some of the most important milestones for the technology, and today, our best-in-class SYSTEM302 enterprise automation system is producing profitable results for thousands of end users worldwide.

Seattle Steam - USA
Sometimes simpler is better. Just ask Seattle Steam, a 100+ year old district heating company that updated its boiler controls with Smar's SYSTEM302 and achieved a simple, reliable control system without the cost or complexity of a legacy DCS. Completed in 1996, Seattle Steam was one of the first commercial fieldbus projects in North America. The control system made use of Smar's revolutionary DFI302, a powerful, integrated unit that functions as an interface, linking device, bridge, controller, gateway, fieldbus power supply, and distributed I/O subsystem. Using open FOUNDATION Fieldbus and OPC standards, DFI302 integrated all of the hardware and software needed to monitor, control and maintain the steam plant boilers, including intelligent instruments and HMI software. With continuous regulatory control handled by field devices, SYSTEM302 provided singleloop integrity on the boiler process. Full redundancy and fault isolation also ensured increased safety and uninterrupted operation.

Juhua Group Corporation - China
The Juhua Group Corporation knows how to stay ahead in today's competitive chemical industry. In 1998, the firm selected SYSTEM302 for China's first FOUNDATION fieldbus control system, used at its ammonia plant. Juhua preferred SYSTEM302 to other solutions because of its seamless integration of FOUNDATION fieldbus and OPC. In addition to the freedom and ease of use of FOUNDATION technology in the field, SYSTEM302 provided Juhua with the ability to select control room software meeting its specific needs. In addition, the flexible control system architecture reduced engineering, installation, commissioning and startup times by approximately 60%. Juhua now makes better products at competitive prices. SYSTEM302 improved the company's productivity and decreased its manpower, energy and raw material costs.

Petrobras - Brazil
As one of the world's largest oil producers, Petrobras wanted to upgrade its Namorado-I platform with the most advanced control technology available. In 1999, it installed SYSTEM302 employing the Fieldbus Foundation's High Speed Ethernet (HSE) technology - the first such commercial application of its kind. Petrobras regarded SYSTEM302 as the leanest and most cost-effective control solution available. The system utilizes standard, low-cost COTS Ethernet components and incorporates OPC to provide software applications with free access to the process and devices. Thanks to robust Fieldbus communication, Namorado-1's operators can access and troubleshoot any instrument on the platform - from any workstation. Such proactive maintenance reduced process downtime and subsequent losses. Petrobras can also utilize a single, system-wide engineering and maintenance tool for device, strategy, and display configuration. Previously, this capability was only found in large, expensive DCS systems.

Merisol - USA
When it came time to modernize the control system at its Greens Bayou cresylic acid production facility near Houston, Texas, Merisol Chemicals found only one supplier up to the task - Smar. In 2000, Merisol installed SYSTEM302 on the first project to fully implement HSE. The work involved migrating disparate controls and instrumentation into an integrated, fieldbus-based control system providing full access to process information and displays from any plant location. Key to Merisol's choice of SYSTEM302 was its full implementation of HSE. The solution enabled plantwide integration by providing plug and play equipment, redundancy with double tolerance, scalability, and “bridging” to support device interoperability with other bus technologies. SYSTEM302’s open, distributed architecture allowed Merisol to implement more than 95% of regulatory control in field devices. This eliminated the complexities of the DCS environment and restored single-loop integrity to the Greens Bayou plant. Contact Smar today to learn how SYSTEM302 can produce results for you!