SMAR Products Receive ITK4.6 Re-certification

The Fieldbus Foundation recently re-certified the SMAR FY302 - Foundation Fieldbus Valve Positioner, FB700 - Module Fieldbus, FI302 - Foundation Fieldbus to 4-20 mA Converter, FP302 - Foundation Fieldbus to Pneumatic Signal Converter, IF302 - 0/4-20 mA to Foundation Fieldbus Converter, LD302 - Foundation Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter Series, TT302 - Foundation Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter and LD292 - Foundation Fieldbus Pressure Transmitter equipment. The certification procedure consisted of device validation for the 3.45f firmware version with DD files (Description Devices) and CFF (Capability Format Files), version 1.7. The equipment was subjected to several interoperability tests with the Fieldbus Foundation ITK (Interoperability Test Kit), version 4.6, following the specs by document FF-524, revision 1.6.

FY302 valve positioner re-certified with the ITK4.6

The ITK is a set of programs used by the Fieldbus Foundation to assure that the functional blocks contained in equipment comply with the minimum necessary requirements to provide interoperability. It must be operable for joint function with equipment and systems from other manufacturers, without conflicts.

With the update of the DD and CFF files to version 1.7, the equipment is better integrated with Foundation fieldbus systems by several manufacturers. All of the interoperability tests were carried out at the SMAR Electronic Development Unit under the direction of Guilherme Moretti, Marcio Cunha and Renato Fernandes.

The Fieldbus Foundation site on the internet is already displaying the updated DD and CFF files for the recertified devices. This certification confirms that SMAR products continue to meet and maintain the latest standards as established by the Fieldbus Foundation with regards to interoperability and technical standards.

Additional information on the recertification may be found on the SMAR website: www.smar.com.br or the Fieldbus Foundation page www.fieldbus.org.