Smar registers new linking device with advances of HSE technology

Taking a significant step to advance HSE technology, Smar has registered a new class of linking device: the DF51 42a2. The new product is set apart from its predecessor, the 42a, by the type of specification used for implementing the HSE communication battery. From the beginning, the names Fieldbus and Smar have been closely associated with worldwide technology leadership. This important relationship started at Smar in 1994 with the implementation of control systems based on fieldbus H1 technology. Most recently, it has been demonstrated through new trends and technologies such as the High Speed Ethernet (HSE) protocol.

Smar's use of HSE has grown continuously over the years. In 2000, the company installed the first commercial HSE device on Petrobras' Namorado I offshore platform. In 2001, it registered its first linking device: the DF51 42a Class. That event opened new markets to Smar products and technology and led to the establishment of significant partnerships with major suppliers - such as Metso Automation, Endress+Hauser, and Rockwell Automation - interested in the HSE protocol.

Today, Smar's HSE development has resulted in the registration of a new class of linking device: the DF51 42a2. A unique feature- the type of specification used for implementing the HSE communication battery - differentiates the 42a2 device from the 42a. The 42a is based on the FF FS 1.1 final specification, while the 42a2 Class device incorporates the FF FS 1.29 final specification. The FS 1.29 specification features a new, all-encompassing directory format for an HSE equipment's net information management base, which contains data on the spec revision implemented by the equipment and the class of profile supported. It also provides a new, more direct and automatic connection option for the equipment application directory based on either the HSE or H1 communication protocols.

Registration of the DF51 42a2 linking device is a significant step in the advancement of HSE technology, once again proving that Smar is first in Fieldbus.