SMAR selected for U.S Navy Supply

The Navy receives State-of-the-Art instrumentation for its newly designed platform
The Navy receives State-of-the-Art instrumentation for its newly designed platform

SMAR International Corporation has recently been selected to provide SMARt Pressure and Temperature Transmitters for the next generation aircraft carrier.

The newly named USS Gerald Ford (CVN-78) is the first of the next generation of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. In conjunction with the introduction of these new ships, is a plan for the incorporation of radical new technologies within. The most critical mission of an aircraft carrier involves the launching and recovery of aircraft. The legacy catapult system used steam to push the craft down the track to launch the aircraft. The new Electro Magnetic Aircraft Launch System (EMALS) uses magnetic fields to pull the craft down the track. Protection of the EMALS is accomplished by the implementation of three separate cooling systems. The cooling systems utilize SMAR technology to measure differential and gage pressure, flow totalization and temperature inherent with the entire EMALS platform. Starting with the CVN-78, all aircraft carriers will be forward fit with this new design. A prototype system is planned this year in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Equally impressive with the aircraft carrier implementation of SMAR technology, the Navy’s nuclear power plants will also feature SMAR Pressure and Temperature Transmitters throughout. These installations will include pressure and temperature monitoring on the new Machinery Control Management System (MCMS).

This is a “win-win” situation for all parties. The Navy receives state-of-the-art instrumentation for its newly designed platform. Throughput is increased and reliability is significantly improved, while allowing for incredibly simplified system maintenance. With SMAR being selected for the CVN-21, they partner as a team member in supporting the introduction of the next generation of modernized aircraft carriers.

Successful testing and operation of the instrumentation on board this vessel will lead to future implementation of SMAR technology on subsequent ship designs.

Standard Calibrations Inc.

Key application engineering support pays off...

It’s been two years since SMAR International Houston brought Virginia based SCI-Standard Calibration Inc. on board as the SMAR Representative to the U.S. Naval community. SMAR International and SCI have captured significant US Navy business with sales slated for the next thirty years.

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