Smar supplies more than 400 transmitters to ConocoPhillips for Ekofisk Offshore Platform

The Ekofisk 2/4M offshore platform in the North Sea, operated by ConocoPhillips, will count on Smar technology.

Through Autek, the Norwegian representative located in Drammen, Smar was awarded the supply of more than 400 Pressure and Temperature Transmitters. "Since 1997 Smar has been supplying equipment (gage & differential pressure transmitters with remote seals or manifolds, temperature transmitters, etc.) in various successful applications for Ekofisk's oil & gas platforms", said Geir Falkevik, Sales Manager at Autek. ''We have implemented some special features in our transmitters to accommodate the Operator's strict specifications and requirements'', added Max Ludewig, Smar Business Development Manager for Scandinavian countries. With a considerable experience in supplying equipment to the oil & gas market, Smar has developed several features to deliver the ''best in class'' products in the LD301 (pressure) and TT301 (temperature) transmitters.

For offshore platforms such as Ekofisk, Smar produces transmitters with mechanical specifications to prevent marine corrosion, which include 316 stainless steel housing, stainless steel bolts/nuts, flanges in Super Duplex, diaphragms in Hastelloy and special stainless steel armor for the remote seals.

Advanced diagnostic and programmable control features such as PID, flow calculation & totalization, temperature compensation, 16-point linearization and configuration in engineering units also compose Smar transmitters. Utilizing the PID included in these transmitters, ConocoPhillips - the giant multinational Oil & Gas Company, third largest integrated energy company in the United States - will be able to save extensively in start-up & commissioning because the loop can be tested in the field before connecting to the general control system. All of these features can be programmed by the Palm® handheld using our Universal Hart Configurator HPC301 or via the PC/laptop software CONF401.

Smar considers their Customers as partners in continuing R&D development. Using the specific and unique criteria originated and transmitted by the Customers, a "customized" design, manufacture and delivery of equipment and systems can be achieved to accommodate a diverse range of applications and markets worldwide. These markets include oil & gas, petrochemical, refineries, sugar & alcohol, pulp & paper, water treatment, power plants, food & beverage, mining, nuclear, marine and others.