SMAR supplies technology for Usina Santo Antonio

The Usina Santo Antonio, in Sertãozinho-SP, Brazil has acquired an automated graining cooker for this year´s sugar cane crop. The project, which is already in operation, was concluded last April and employs SMAR field devices such as the LD301 pressure and level transmitters and FY301 valve positioners.

Derek Stesse, SMAR Applications Engineer, explains that this project will enable the cooker process to be accomplished automatically, with little operator intervention. "Formerly, the cooker process was operated manually", he states.

One of the great advantages this automation provides to the Plant, besides safety, is that the operator will be able to supervise and control the cooking process using only the computer or IHM and visualize by images and graphs what actually happens on the field. "The field instruments used on automation of the process variables, will cause a significant improvement on efficiency and quality in the end result”, concludes Derek.

Equipment automated by SMAR