SMAR: Synergy with the sustainable future. Brazilian technology for the Planet´s welfare

SMAR has always aimed at developing state-of-the-art technology to target the sustainable future, enable and ensure social and economic opportunities and reduce environmental impact.
The planet´s welfare is important and vital to all of us. In its 35 years, SMAR has contributed to the planet´s sustainability through its collaborators in Brazil and around the world. We manage our industrial processes and help our clients to minimize their impact on the environment through our technology creating solutions environmentally sustainable.

The Brazilian ethanol, the most competitive in the world, reduces by 85% CO2 emissions, which is one of the gases responsible for global heating. SMAR, pioneer and world leader in automation and control in   sugar and ethanol plants, through its technology, products and services is one of the key collaborators for this reduction since it is present in more than 90% of the plants, with its automation, and control systems and equipments.

As a genuinely Brazilian company, SMAR with all of its know-how in the automation of sugar and ethanol plants is committed with Brazil in the search for clean energy that neutralizes the undesirable environment, socioeconomic and political effects. Its highly skilled technical team works in synergy with this scenery in order to supply the biofuel market with the best industrial solutions. The SMAR technology is committed to the environmental sustainability and future, and for more than 35 years has revolutionized the sugar and ethanol segment by providing profitable businesses, competitive, and safe advantages with operational and sustainable excellence to its clients.

Bear in mind that the demand for sugar and ethanol is growing significantly and with the need for more resources, attention and control are necessary concerning raw-material, transportation, storage etc. In many cases, new aggressions occur to the environment and here is where automation plays its role, by facilitating the process, providing quality, minimizing process unevenness, ensuring operational repeatability and safety. Automation efficiently manages environment conditions and the utilization of energetic resources for more efficiency on the production line and reducing raw-material spoilage. As leader in the sugar and ethanol industry, SMAR provides improvement to processes with its products, in a continuous search for more productivity and efficiency.

SMAR, through SYSTEM302, its network-based automation and control system, offers more reliability to the process, ensuring more safety in the operations, a single data base, integrated redundant system, asset management resources via WEB etc. With SMAR technology and control solutions, the sector plants operate with low water consumption and reduced emission rates, while using energy rationally and efficiently.

Moreover, SMAR has several systems installed in processes for operational safety and environment impact. An example is PETROBRAS project PEGASO – Program for Excellence in Environment Monitoring and Operational Safety. It is the largest oil sector project in the world and has been employed to develop new technologies for safety, environment and health, contingencies, industrial effluents, waterways supervision and automation, residues treatment and risk management.

Another SMAR outstanding project was the automation of the water distribution system of CAGECE – Ceará State Water and Sewage Company, in northeastern Brazil. It was implemented in the CECOP – Operational Control Center of CAGECE) and in the residential neighborhoods of the capital Fortaleza, which became the Brazilian city water service with the least water loss. Through SMAR technology CAGECE ensures to the population the supply of treated water without spoilage.

SMAR combines the best automation system and the best field equipments to improve the industrial process whenever there are natural resources, with experienced teams to better serve its clients. It is the Brazilian technology contributing to the Planet´s welfare!

SMAR recognizes its responsibilities towards the environment and sets its goals according to the principles of sustainable development. SMAR synergetic values are oriented to the technological development, the preservation of the natural environment, the minimization of environmental impacts, and the reduction of raw-material spoilage through the commitment to the continuous improvement of its industrial processes.