SMAR SYSTEM302-7 - Colombia Roadshow

Adriano Teixeira, SMAR Senior Engineer, training SYSTEM302-7 technology for clients from Colombia

In addition to the extensive exposure received locally in Brazil, SMAR is presenting the SYSTEM302-7 mobile exhibition to numerous other Latin-American regions. For the official debut in Colombia, the road show stopped over in Bogota, Neiva and Barranca Bermeja. The event was attended by engineers from the Colombian State Company Ecopetrol, among other participants from local engineering firms.

Presentations focused on Foundation Fieldbus technology with demo-kits available and installed on location.  The event was conducted by Swen Rodulfo Baechler, SMAR Business Development Manager and Adriano Teixeira, Senior Engineer.  According to Baechler, the SMAR activity in Colômbia sets an important and strategic step in Latin-American as it paves the way for tremendous business opportunities with the other countries in the region.